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  • Collection: Poole Collection
Man and lady. Man wearing hat, pipe in hand. Lady seated.
Woman standing beside bicycle. Celluloid negative.
Lady and man on bicycles, holding handle bars. At Brook Lodge.
Family group. Old lady sitting, gentleman, child and lady standing. Dog in foreground.
Man, child, pony and dog.
Lady on horse, side-saddle, and workman. "Mrs Bonniewell, 1896".
Family group near gate. Two women, child and man. Donkey at gate.
Three ladies having tea at Brook Lodge. Ellie Russel sitting.
Group of seven elderly people having a tea party. One lady standing, holding dog. Negative is good quality but needs removal of a small piece of paper on the emulsion side.
Three gentlemen and two ladies having a picnic. Beer bottles and man posing with umbrella. Negative has some damage at top right-hand side.
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